Zoom Zoom Zoom – Nature’s Happy Trail

Shingyung Schwartz

February 4, 2009
Reception 7pm – 10pm

Kokoro Studio is pleased to present “Zoom Zoom Zoom – Nature’s Happy Trail”, the art of Shinyung Shwartz, a Bay Area based artist by way of Parsons the New School of Design in New York City.

Schwartz’s uniquely inveigling pieces highlight not only the beauty and complexity of life as seen under the lens of a microscope, but all that is ubiquitous yet concealed to the naked eye in the all-encompassing composite of the world around us.
Through use of acrylic paint, she acts as an exquisite conduit to our most important constituents, the cellular entities that make up the very fibre of our being.

“Zoom Zoom Zoom – Nature’s Happy Trail” invites you to see below the surface, revealing a stunning glimpse into a world which would otherwise diffuse into the macrocosm.