Yule: Winter Group Show/Holiday Party 2011

Yuriko Katori, Aoi Yamaguchi, Kinoko Noyama, Taiko Fujimura, Sakie Miura, Nok Korlarpkitkul, Naoko Kagawa, Junko Maegawa, Kazuhiko Fujita, Bob Nozawa, William Emmert, Mayumi Tanaka
December 15, 2011 Reception/Party 7pm - 10pm

Happy holidays from Kokoro!
“Yule” by Kokorostars

Our special guests, Mr.Santa Claus will be stopping by to make your winter dreams come true! Much of the art featured in “Yule” is themed and priced for the holidays. Come celebrate, champagne, wine, ginger cookies, photos and dancing with Santa! Art, t-shirts, cards, and holiday goods, possibly pick up a holiday gift for yourself or someone special.