Too Close To See

JiandYin (Jiradej & Pornpilai Meemalai)

November 4, 2010
Reception 7pm – 10pm
The Dialogue “Seeing and Doing”, an interactive performance
November 4: 6.30pm • at the opening
November 5: 11am • at Powell Station
3pm • Vista Point at Golden Gate Bridge
November 6: 6pm • Kokoro Studio
8pm • artist talk

This project is made possible by the Fellowship Award of the Asian Cultural Council, New York in 2010.
Photographed by Jaturakorn Pinpech

Current residents of the ISCP residency program in Brooklyn, NY, Jiradej Meemalai and Pornpilai Zou Meemalai explore the complexities of relationships and the simultaneous intimacy and distance that results. Coming from respective sculptural and jewelry backgrounds, JiandYin bind their works with a palpable sense of duality, connection and balance. Their work manifests itself through the purity of truth and takes form as short film, sculpture, ink and paper and fabricated textiles. One gets a sense that JiandYin’s works are still in progress, even as the pieces sit serene and still in front of you. Taking the most basic of human conditions; adaptation, JiandYin have created art that is, if anything, utterly romantic.

Join us at Kokoro Studio as we welcome JiandYin’s “Too Close to See”. The current showing accentuates JiandYin’s optimum ability to collaborate. Pornnpilai Zou Meemalai and Jiradej Meemalai’s recent works represent a perpetual symmetry and the struggle to keep it, encouraging growth, equanimity and poise. JiandYin will also commence with a performance piece, The Dialogue (seeing and doing), and then invite us to observe and recognize the myriad of messages present in their ever evolving mediums.

The Dialogue (seeing and doing) is an ongoing work in 2010. At different locations, jiandyin void the space between them to allow friends, guests and unacquainted people to access the space and share a moment together by drawing his/her front and back portrait. The visitor can choose to face to each one of them(jiandyin) and the one who sit behind the visitor will draw his/her back. The front portrait will be given to the visitor as a gift and the artists will keep the back portrait for their further installation. While there is no guest or visitor, they will spend the time drawing each other’s portrait.

It is a process of learning and sharing moment with other people and to loosen the solidity of space between a couple.

Work consists of an installation of charcoal drawing of guests/visitors’ back portraits and the artists portraits in crayon, sculptures, video on monitor and Photographs.