Theater Of Ghosts

Casey McGonagle

November 5, 2009
Reception 7pm – 10pm

Kokoro Gallery is pleased to announce “Theater Of Ghosts”, an an extraordinary exhibition of photography by Casey Mcgonagle.

McGonagle, a Chicago-based photographer hailing from L.A., is a Distinguished Scholar of School of the Art Institute Chicago. His poignant images, grafting together themes of dream-like sublimity and stark reality, provoke a unique perspective on the ostensibly static balance between the perceptible and the imaginary.

“Theater Of Ghosts” invites viewers to consider whether or not powers of observation are the sole guide to finding the substance beneath the surface. These are portraits that present life as a hallucinatory journey filled with things both magnificent and tremulous, yet ultimately all of the mind. A transfixing examination of the juncture between the delicate, ever-shifting nature of a landscape in flux with its seemingly spectral inhabitants.

It is with great affection that we present this captivating ensemble of luminous compositions.