The Path To Dyad

Korakrit Arunanondchai and Gregory Ito

May 6, 2010
Reception 7pm – 10pm

Kokoro Studio is pleased to present an exciting exhibit of two uniquely distinct artists whose vibrant and prismatic pieces are intense and hallucinatory in nature. Employing a multitude of mediums, Ito and Arunanondchai will completely transform the installation space to create a truly abstract and enveloping experience.
Working in two and three dimensions, Arunanondchai’s vibrant psychedelic compositions both fascinate and disorient. His three-dimensional creations, filled with subtle hints of tribal patterns, are both whimsical and frightening .
Ito’s meditative, geometric paintings and his intricate constructions inspire a Zen like calm. His hypnotic use of vibrant gradients of color will assault and soothe the senses. Ito skillfully integrates organic and celestial themes, creating not just visually stunning patterns but filling them with iridescent colors that will expand an your mind and.