The Crow And The Wolf

March 4, 2010
Reception 7pm – 10pm

Kokoro Studio presents: “Spir·Akasha” by The Crow and the Wolf – an evolving installation designed to revolutionize the gallery experience.

Spir·akasha will develop throughout the entire month of March. Each week The Crow and The Wolf will collaborate with artists of other mediums [audio, literary, et cetera] in activities that will physically and metaphysically alter the space.

The interactive installation revolves around the nature of the 6 elements [earth, air, water, fire, space and consciousness] that compose our existence. This concept parallels The Crow and The Wolf’s greater artistic endeavor to stimulate all of the senses through their art in order to re-instill the importance of creative expression in everyday society.

Gallery visitors will be invited to a weekly gathering to participate and observe the modifications and partnerships that will develop with the community and collaborating artists.

To learn more about The Crow and The Wolf please visit : thecrowandthewolf.blogspot.com