Shy Peacocks

Sara Christian

January 20, 2011
Reception 7pm – 10pm

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Bay Area artist Sara Christian will show new work this January at Kokoro Studio in her solo exhibit, “Shy Peacocks.” Christian’s illustrative combination of painting, drawing, and collage tells a multi-faceted story of femininity. From confidently striking a pose, to moments of self-awareness, Christian depicts the female figure in various states of reveal. Christian’s work is often reminiscent of fashion illustration, but swathed in color that both frames and obscures the figure. The inspiration of the layered texture of an urban environment is evident, and reveals itself in the artist’s process. As she collages, Christian loves “piling on and ripping off paper, leaving pattern and textures” behind.

For “Shy Peacocks,” Christian will present a new body of work that has evolved to include life-sized “ladies” that emerge from obsessively repeated layers of doodles, pattern, paint, and cut and collaged paper. The new body of work is inspired by the way women restrict or trap themselves in order to follow trends. Like a vibrant bird hiding its colors, these “ladies” impede their own expression of themselves by covering up with someone else’s expectation of beauty.

“Shy Peacocks” will be on view at Kokoro Studio from January 20 to January 27, 2011. There will be a public opening reception on January 20 from 7pm to 10pm.