Hold It Tight

Yuriko Katori

August 5. 2010
Reception 7pm – 10pm

New York based artist, Yuriko Katori utilizes her master’s degree in
Illustration as Visual Essay to skim the surface of Art Nouveau influence. Pencil, Watercolor, Charcoal and Paper intermingle to host elegant expressions of feminine subtlety.
Katori’s work creates a private space that ripples with personal eccentricity, allowing the viewer to meditate upon otherwise harrowing subjects. Sexuality, confusion, hunger and isolation are rendered humane with delicate precision.
Katori’s current work, “the 1,000 pie” coaxes the gentle bond of innocence and simple drawing by way of visual storytelling.

“Hold it Tight” showcases Katori’s current ruminations on the systematic eccentricities of “normal” daily routine. With works in
various mediums from pencil to oil to storytelling and picturebooks,
Katori places herself into a peculiar universe where societal laws are dissected and quietly questioned.

To learn more about artist please visit her website:


or email them at : yuriko@yurikokatori.com