Bomba 4

Ignacio Murua

February 3, 2011
Reception 7pm – 10pm

Kokoro Studio proudly presents “Bomba 4,” a solo exhibition of new work by Chilean artist Ignacio Murua. Murua takes advantage of the malleable quality of printed ink to obscure and distort the female form. The body that is digitally perfected is presently manually degraded as Murua comments on women and social issues, while also exploring new possibilities in the medium of painting.

Ignacio Murua lives and works in Santiago de Chile and Brooklyn, NY. He is inspired the Chilean yellow press newspapers that publish images of ideal female bodies as the “women of the week.” What the popular culture esteems as perfection, Murua translates as uncomfortable and grotesque. By its denial of the familiar, flawed (normal) body, such perfection is encountered as a deformity. Murua uses a unique process of “painting without using paint” to contrast the disturbingly artificial perfection with smeared and dripping strokes. He works quickly to manipulate the wet pigment of a freshly printed photograph, causing the very substance of the image to be distorted, obscured, erased, or washed away. Remaining is a blurred silhouette, the suggestion of a posture that replaces individual identity. In a global society preoccupied with age and beauty, the work of Ignacio Murua disregards time, wiping out both perfection and its potential for decay.

“Bomba 4” will be on view at Kokoro Studio from February 3 to February 24, 2011. There will be a public opening reception on Thursday, February 3 from 7pm to 10pm.